How to Treat a Cat Bite

Published On: October 21st, 2020Categories: How To Tips
How to treat a cat bite

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About 75% of cat bites insert harmful bacteria into the body and can be dangerous for you and other pets and should be treated immediately. Cat scratch fever, which comes from Bartonella henselae bacteria, may also be transmitted through a cat bite.

The first signs of infection could appear in a couple of hours and are particularly risky for hands, joints, and tendons. What should you do after a cat bite:

why do cats bite

  • Flush out the bacteria from the cat bite by pressing on the wound. This could cause more bleeding, but will also help to force the bacteria out of the body.
  • Thoroughly wash the wound with soap and water and use a clean cloth to wipe the wound.
  • Visit a doctor to examine more carefully and wash again the wound.
  • In some cases, your doctor might prescribe antibiotics, stitch the wound if necessary, and administer a tetanus booster vaccine.
  • The next days after the bite, follow the care plan and keep the wound area clean. Watch for any signs of infection, such as redness, pain, or fever, and if you spot any, visit the doctor again and right away.

Share with us any useful tips that you use to treat a cat bite.

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