How To Fly With A Cat? Taking Your Cat On A Plane

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How To Fly With A Cat? Taking Your Cat On A Plane

My cats are members of my family  and I could never imagine leaving them behind If I had to travel abroad. I take my cats with me almost anywhere! However, it’s not that easy. There are many things you should consider while youset up things for the travel. It’s crucial to prepare in advance if you intend to travel with your favorite pet.

Although you can usually fly with a cat, you should still take care to respect the airline’s rules. Make sure your feline companion is as comfortable as possible. Additionally, if you’re going abroad, you need to be aware of the rules in that country for transporting a live animal there.

In the following lines we have prepaired for you a full guide for flying with your cats.

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Can I Fly With My Cat?

Of course you can! However, before you load them up and go to the airport, you’ll need to check some things first. A health certificate is normally necessary for domestic travel, typically within 10 days of travel. With the help of this health certificate, you can confirm that your cat is at least eight weeks old, fully vaccinated, and clear of any infectious illness symptoms.

Even though you can travel by airline with your cat, it’s not always the greatest choice for cats. It’s crucial crucial that your itty is fine with it, doesn’t mind being in a travel box or bag, and is fine in strange environments. However, a pet sitter is preferable in the majority of cats. It’s better to leave your cat at home with a dependable relative, friend, or pet sitter if they notice signs of tension or anxiety.

How To Fly With A Cat? Taking Your Cat On A Plane

Booking The Flight For My Cat

Almost all airlines permit cats to travel with their owners. However, some airlines impose restrictions on the number of pets that may fly in the cabin. They may also have specific flights where pets are not permitted to fly in the cabin. So, you should make your reservations in advance to avoid any issues at check-in. Since booking online isn’t always a possibility, you typically need to call the airlines in order to do this.

You must ensure that your luggage complies with the requirements because each airline has different weight and size restrictions for pet carriers. Most of the time, your cat must be able to spend the entire flight in their carrier in front of your seat without feeling uncomfortable.

It’s better to book non-stop flights to cut down on overall travel time and, consequently, stress for your cat. You should also be aware that your pet counts as a carry-on, necessitating the checking of an additional bag to hold your things.

Be mindful when selecting your seat that you cannot sit in an escape row or against a bulkhead.

Tips For A Perfect Flight With Your Cat

Don’t Give Your Cat Breakfast On The Day Of Travel

Even though it can sound cruel, it could be preferable to skip feeding your cat the morning of the flight. Why is that? It’s best to have less in their stomachs. This is because some cats will feel nausea and vomiting. Of course, you still need to make sure they’re hydrated!

Make The Cat Carrier Comfortable

Since your feline will spend practically all of the time in the carrier, it’s essential to make it as cozy as possible. Youachieve that take things that make your cat feel like home.

It’s better to purchase your carrier a few weeks before your trip so you can slowly introduce it to your kitty and get familiar with it. Leave it out and allow them to sniff around, explore and potentially nap inside it. “As they gradually warm-up, start taking them on walks in the carrier and eventually short drives.

How To Fly With A Cat? Taking Your Cat On A Plane

Ask Your Vet

Although the majority of cats don’t require medication, it might be wise if your cat has extreme anxiety. You should ask your veterinarian, who can provide advice on whether prescription sedatives are required for your journey. You should make sure your cat is safe before utilizing them because they do pose health hazards.


So now you know how to fly with a cat! Just make sure to contact your vet and the airlines and make sure that everythingis ok.

Have you ever travelled with your cat in a plane? Was it a pleasant procedure? Share with us your experiences and tips in the comment section below.

Source: VCAhospitals

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