Woman Escapes War In Ukraine With Her Kitty

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Since Russia invaded Ukraine, a lot of people have left the country and taken their pets with them. When the war started, a few months ago, dancer Jennifer Shyshkina knew she had to leave Ukraine along with her beloved kitten Simba and move to the South of France.

Jennifer rescued Simba about a year ago. Since then, Simba is her company during the worst moments of her life. Simba helped her to handle mentally the four-year relationship breakup and also the beginning of the war.


As you can see on Jennifer\’s social media, they were forced into a bomb shelter once explosions started in Kyiv. After being able to flee via car, they endured a long trip out of the city and into another part of Ukraine. The journey continued on into Bulgaria and ended after spending two days traveling to France.

Once Jennifer and her furry friend made it to Aix-en-Provence, they began to settle in and remain there until today. Simba went from being an indoor-only cat in Ukraine to an outdoor-loving feline in France.


The trauma of war was made survivable by the curious and cute kitty. “I love this cat more than anything. Looking at everything that’s going on in my country, I’m just happy that I and Simba have each other.” Jennifer said in a video. \”Can\’t be more thankful\”.

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