Why is your cat hiding from you?

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Why is your cat hiding from you

Are you often wondering where your cat is hiding? Cats specialize in hiding and some cats love to spend their time hiding! However, if your cat seems to be constantly isolated in the house, this could be a sign of stress, anxiety, or that something is bothering him.

Top Reasons Why Your Cat Is Hiding From You

It is of great importance to find out why your cat is hiding and identify the causes of this behavior. Some of the most common reasons that could give an answer to this question are the following:

Your cat is stressed.

How many times have you found yourself stressed and the only thing you want to do is to just sit alone? It is exactly the same with cats. If your cat shows these changes in behavior, you have to try to find what is bothering him.


New persons in the environment.

While you have guests in the house, your cat may take some time to get used to them. Never force him to come out, even if you want to introduce him to your guests! Your cat has to take his time and when he feels ready he will come out to introduce himself.

Changes in the environment.

Sometimes even a small change in the environment of the cat could cause stress to your cat. He might search for a quiet place, take his time and get used to the changes.

Loud noises.

Always remember that your cat has great hearing and sounds that you don’t even listen to, which could be really annoying to his ears.


How To Get Your Cat Out Of Hiding On His Own

As even temporary changes can cause a sense of anxiety in your cat, it is important to know ways to calm him down and get him out of hiding on his own.

  • Always give your cat his time. Never force him to come out, because this could only make things worse.
  • Try to reduce all these factors that make your cat anxious. A happy cat has no reason to hide.
  • Lure your cat with treats or toys! Food and fun will encourage him to spend more time with you, trust you again and forget about the things that stress him. However, if he decides to hide again, you have to respect that.
  • If you consider bringing a new kitten, make sure that the recommendations will be gradual to keep both animals calm and friendly. In the case that you already have other cats in the house make sure your cat is not hiding as a result of another cat\’s aggressive or bullying behavior.


Have you tried everything but your cat is still feeling stressed and hiding from you? It\’s time that you should visit a vet. Every cat is different and things that stress them can vary, so advice from an expert could help you and your little friend get back to regularity.

Is your cat hiding from you? Feel free to share within the comments below your funny/cute stories and tell us how you encountered that…

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