Why Is My Cat Licking My Nose

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Why Is My Cat Licking My Nose

Many cats love body contact. They enjoy laying on us or “making biscuits” on our bellies. Sometimes it might get a little bit weird. It’s when the cat starts licking the nose of his owner.

Cats lick up noses as a sign of affection but also due to instinctive behavior. When a kitty is born, his mother will lick his nose to get him breathing and to clean him up. The puppies then learn to lick their own mother’s noses. It appears to be learned behavior.

But let’s get a little bit deeper to explain this strange habit.

Why Is My Cat Licking My nose

A Sign Of Affection

Licking your nose might be a weird habit, however, you should take it as a compliment. This is your cat’s way to express his love for you. You could say your cat’s licks are like the kisses you give him all over the face.

You may show your feline love by petting and you should have in mind that your cat’s way of showing affection is by licking you

Seeking Attention

Cats love attention and being the center of your world. Your cat is trying to tell you that he’s there and you should spend some time with him.


It’s Cleaning Time

Cats are clean animals and they want the same for their family as well! So when they finish grooming themselves, you should expect that you’re the next in line. By instinct, they’ll focus on your body parts without clothing, so expect your hands and face to be licked!

Obtain Salt From You

Natural salts that can be found in our sweat can be really appealing to your cat. For some cats this is irresistible, so they’ll start licking your nose or any other exposed part of your body, just to get a little bit of salt.

Soothing Procedure

Cats love the feeling of being groomed and that’s why they spend so much daily taking care of their fur. If your cat is licking your nose, this could be his way to transfer this sensation to you as well.



You may also notice your cat licking himself. Find out here what could cause this behavior.

Licking your nose is normal in most cases, however, if your cat started suddenly licking, you should check what might have triggered this behavior. It could be some changes in the house that stressed him or there could be an injury to his body.

Is your cat licking your nose? Share with us in the comments below your thoughts and experiences.

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