Why do cats love laptops

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Why do cats love laptops

Almost all of us are familiar with the fact that cats have weird habits. One of the strangest behaviors that we haven’t figured out for the exact reasons is “why cats love to walk or lie all over your laptop when you’re in the middle of something”. Whether you’re just scrolling your facebook wall or catching up on your favorite Netflix show, they always manage to find a way into your lap, and then straight up to your laptop.

Let’s get a little bit deeper into the reason for this peculiar behavior.

Your feline needs attention

In order to give an explanation, we’ll have to look at the world from a cat\’s perspective. When you use your laptop, all of your attention is focused on the screen. In a cat’\’s mind, this isn’t acceptable and the best solution is to just enter between you and that laptop. Unfortunately, sometimes, especially when you’re relaxed, you have inadvertently \”rewarded\” the cat by stroking his fur and giving him the attention that he wants.

Next time, instead of rewarding him for his act, try to divert his attention to something else, such as a cardboard box.


Cats love warmth

Cats love to sunbathe? Any time a ray of sunshine forms a small puddle of warmth on the carpet, your cat is likely to be in the middle of it. So, another answer to the question “why do cats like sitting on laptops?”, is that they might be seeking  a source of heat for their furry bodies. However, this isn’t the most convenient place to be when you try to work. So, try to offer a small heating pad and he may find it a suitable alternative to resting on a laptop.

Cats are curious

Most times, cats tend to be interested in what you’re doing. It\’s also not unusual for cats to become fixated on any movement appearing on a screen, such as a scrolling cursor or a video with lots of action. In fact, some owners believe that cats just want to mimic their behavior. They theorize that your feline watches you type away on a computer and wants to do the same.


In any case, it’s important not to punish your cat for sitting on your laptop. Always reward your cat with a treat for going to an alternative spot. Gradually, they\’ll start gravitating to that spot instead of your laptop.\”

Does your cat love your laptop? Share with us your funny photos or videos of your cat helping you with your work and be featured on our social media accounts.

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