Why Do Cats Hate Water

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Why do cats hate water

As a cat parent, you may notice that your feline may dislike being wet, however, it loves playing with water. This could be lapping up drips of water, drinking from a pet fountain, or trying to stick a paw into running water. Their preference for running water instead of still could be a matter of playful fascination, which provides an exploration of the senses.

Why Do Cats Hate Water?

Let’s explore together some of the reasons.

  • One reason may be the fact that the feline species were involved in dry desert climates. Throughout their history, cats were not exposed to any shortage of water and as a result, were not familiar with it.
  • A wet coat weighs down your kitty. This makes her feel uncomfortable, and it can take a long time for the coat to dry. A sopping-wet coat will make your cat feel weighted down and unable to move at their normal agility levels. Imagine that you are carrying a soaking wet blanket on your shoulders until it gets dry again.
  • Cats are extremely sensitive to odors. It is thought that your cat may not like the scent of chemicals from tap water. Especially when you use shampoos full of unfamiliar smells.
  • Some felines may have experienced having their coat wet in early kittenhood. They may have had a stressful experience with water and it is likely they will hate water for the rest of their lives.
  • Some cats enjoy so much playing with water and dip their paws in it but avoid to get into the bathtub. It is because they have more control over the situation as they are sitting safely on dry land and can easily get away.


Although most domestic cats don\’t like water, there are a few breeds of household kitties, that enjoy swimming occasionally. These are the Maine coon, Bengal and Abyssinian.

The cat most known for its skills in the water is the Turkish van, a rare breed that has been nicknamed the \”Swimming Cat”. These cats have a unique texture on their coats that makes them waterproof which lets them enjoy swimming and other water games.

What To Do When Your Cat Gets In A Mess?


Under special circumstances, you can give your cat a bath. The bath has to be tricky, but you will need all the essentials. Make sure you have a non-slip floor mat, suitable shampoo, towels, and a brush. Check out our guide for bathing your cat to help make the experience as less stressful as possible for both yourself and the pet.

If you cannot avoid it…. Enjoy it!

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