Why Do Cats Do That? Strange Cat Behaviors Explained

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Why Do Cats Do That? Strange Cat Behaviors Explained

Cats are cute and fascinating creatures that often leave us wondering about their strange behaviors. If we tell by the 26 billion views of over 2 million YouTube videos of felines, one thing is for sure. Cats Are Entertaining. From kneading their paws to grooming themselves excessively, our beloved kitties have many habits that seem unusual to our eyes. But why do they do that?

In this post, we’ll try to give you the answers in te mysteries of feline behavior and uncover the reasons behind some of the most common actions. Whether you’re a cat lover or simply curious about felines, this post will provide you with an understanding of why cats behave the way they do. So, if you’ve ever asked yourself “why does my cat do that?” keep reading!

Cats Are Predators

Felines have always been both solitary hunters of smaller animals and prey for bigger carnivores. In order to feed they hunted and killed and in order to survice they hid and run. Many of the instincts that allowed them to flourish in the wild for millions of years remain in cats today. Some of their strangest actions are motivated by these inclinations.

Why Do Cats Do That? Strange Cat Behaviors Explained

They Need Their Claws

Felines in the wild required strong claws for climbing, hunting, and self-defense. So, sharpening their claws on surfaces kept them in shape and ready. So your home kitty doesn’t despise your sofa, chair, cushions, and anything else his predecessors did to live.

Felines Chace Little Toys

Our furry friends are opportunistic predators who hunt whenever prey is available. Because most cat prey is tiny, cats in the wild have to eat often throughout the day and employ a’stalk, pounce, kill, eat approach’ to keep supplied.
This is why your home cat loves to chase and pounce on little toys and consume small meals throughout the day and night.

Cats Love To Hide

Small prey tend to hide in small areas in their natural surroundings. So one reason for your kitty’s proclivity to reach into containers and openings is that she is driven by the same curiosity that has ensured the survival of her species for years.
Cats evolved to “not get caught” as prey animals, and the cats that were the best at avoiding predators flourished in the wild. It also explains why she wants a clean and odor-free litter box: it makes her position less obvious to any predators sniffing around nearby.

Why Do Cats Do That? Strange Cat Behaviors Explained


In conclusion, cats have unique behaviors that sometimes leave us scratching our heads. But with a better understanding of their instincts, communication, and body language, we can appreciate their quirks even more. Next time you see your feline friend exhibiting odd behavior, try to look at it from their perspective. Remember, every cat is different, so be patient and let them be themselves. And if you still can’t figure out why they do what they do, that’s just one of the many mysteries that make cats so fascinating.

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