Why Do Cats Chew On Things

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why do cats chew on things

Dogs are known for their love of chewing and biting. However, what most people do not know is that chewing is common in cats as well. The main reason is to disassemble their prey, but it is easy to find this behavior in other areas of a cat’s life as well.

Why Do Cats Chew On Things

Chewing behavior comes pretty naturally to cats. Cats’ feeding behavior by instinct is tied to chewing and that behavior will not go away. It is completely natural. Nevertheless when this behavior is starting to become compulsive then cat owners need to take action.

Periodontal disease is an inflammation of the gums and the tissues and is a very common reason for a cat to start chewing. In that case, cat parents should visit a vet for treatment and for this bad habit to stop before it evolves into compulsive behavior.

In their vast majority, the more extreme chewing behaviors are due to anxiety. If a cat does exhibit compulsive chewing behaviors the first you should do is try to redirect the behavior with toys or even chew treats. However this is a successful method, it tends to work best with cats who are only occasional chewers.


How to stop cat chewing

Before considering visiting a doctor there are a few things you could try to prevent your cat from chewing:

  • Eliminate temptations. Some cats just love to chew specific things, such as cords, wires, shoelaces, and curtains. So first of all try to take these objects far from your cat\’s reach.
  • Play more. Spend time with your feline and play together to provide exercise and stimulation. After that, your cat will be too exhausted with less desire to chew.

To summarize, chewing is a natural instinct of cats and is acceptable when it happens occasionally. But if it becomes a habit, the best advice is to visit an expert.

Why does your cat chew on things? Feel free to share your thoughts with us in the comments below.

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