Why are cats affraid of cucumbers

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Why are cats affraid of cucumbers

A few years ago, there was a new type of cat video taking the Internet by storm. Cats getting scared by cucumbers. Based on hundreds of YouTube videos, seems as though there is something about cucumbers that cats find unreasonably terrifying. In most of the videos, the cat has just finished eating or drinking water and discovers a cucumber nearby. Then the feline overlords jump in the air, scamper away, or prepare for battle against the encroaching green monstrosity.

You might think that it is strange for such a stealthy predator, but what is the truth behing this behavior?

Why Are Cats Afraid Of Cucumbers?

Well, according to scientists and pet behaviorists, it could be that the response isn\’t about the cucumber itself. Instead, it is the fact that someone placed it nearby without the cats knowing. So the reaction is due to the unexpectedness of finding an unusual object while their heads were down in the food bowl.


It is also possible that the cat by instinct assumes that the cucumber is a snake, who is a deadly predator. In this case, it isn\’t an unreasonable assumption, since you wouldn\’t find a cucumber on the floor, and since the cat didn\’t see or hear the cucumber approach.

Whatever the cause, scaring your cat can cause them to injure themselves or break something once they try to leap away. Potentially could be very bad for them, leading to long-term stress. Besides, provoking a blue fear could well irreparably damage the confidence your feline has placed in you. The cat will no longer feel safe at home and also, could be really harmful to the health.


Every new item should be introduced into a pet\’s environment gradually. You should better think twice about trying to pull this prank on your pet.

Photo: Rana Sawalha

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