Why Are Black Cats Associated With Halloween?

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Why Are Black Cats Associated With Halloween

Black cats have become a classic Halloween symbol, but how did they get this special honor? Why Are Black Cats Associated With Halloween?

Like almost all holidays, Halloween is embodied by a blend of symbols and icons. Pumpkins and ghosts are the highlights of scary stories during this period. Black cats have been the focus of superstition for a very long time. In Medieval France and Spain they were associated with witchcraft and were thought to bring curses and evil omens to any person they came into contact with. But, how did black cats in particular become a Halloween symbol?


How Black Cats associated With Bad Luck?

As with many aspects, history has everything to do with it. It comes down to a group of people called Puritan Pilgrims of Plymouth Colony. This particular group lived a harsh Protestant lifestyle, avoiding anything that went against their religion. Since witchcraft was viewed as a practice that worshiped the devil, the Puritans became extremely wary anything that might be connected to a witchn. And black cats were high up on that list. They actively persecuted black cats and it became a practice to burn black cats on Shrove Tuesday to protect the home from fire.

According to a legend, witches could transform into a black cat and back to witch. They also believed that witches could re-incarnate into black cats after death. Additionally, there was the Middle Age myth that the devil could give black cats to witches to act as their attendants (animal familiar).


Black cats are paired with their dark fur coats and glowing eyes and they were feared as much as the witches. And as literature about witchcraft increased, a period of “witchcraft panic”prevailed throughout Europe and the New England colonies, between 1560 and 1660. Many black cat superstitions still exist since these days. They are often linked to bad luck and are feared by some.

How Black Cats Associated With Halloween?

So how does this all relate to Halloween? Thefoundamentas of this holiday revolve around dark and spiritual things. Most of the celebrations that take place during this period focus on honoring the dead. Ancient traditions usually have some kind of link to either the practice of witchcraft or the opposing beliefs against them.


As a result, witches along with their black cats became a symbol of Halloween. And with the recent surge in self-proclaimed proud cat ladies, it’s no surprise that they also double as one of today’s most popular costumes. Also, decorators use them as a Halloween symbol, with witches and independently, to add a frightful ambience to their front steps.

This Halloween, consider adopting a black cat from an animal shelter. Due to superstitions about black cats, studies have shown that these cute felines are much less likely to be adopted compared with other fur colors.

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