Which Cat Breeds Like Water

Published On: November 13th, 2020Categories: Cat facts
which cat breeds like water

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As mentioned in a previous post there are plenty of reasons why cats and kittens hate water. However, there are several breeds of domestic cats that actually like water and are even known to go for the occasional swim. These breeds are:

Top 5 Cat Breeds That Love To Swim

Maine Coon.

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These kittens will not hesitate to splash around every chance they get, as a result of their water-resistant coat. Leave the tap running a bit too long and you’ll soon have a Maine Coon on the case.

Norwegian Forest Cat.

As a cousin of the previous cat, this breed has water-resistant coat. This cat is a brave fisher, which means that you should keep it away from any aquarium.


This small wildcat was created by crossing an Asian Leopard Cat with a domestic feline. As a result, we get a cat ith love for water. If given a chance, they would happily join you in the shower.


This breed will not hesitate before investigating from a full bathtub to their own water bowl. They arrived in Europe for the first time by boat, and probably their love for water comes from that initial voyage across the ocean.

Turkish Van.

This is the most stunning example. Their waterproof coat does not hold water which makes swimming an enjoyable experience for them. These kittens have such an affinity for water that many owners look for cat pools so they can paddle and swim to their heart’s content. Due to their love for swimming they’ve been given the nickname “the swimming cat”.

Why do cats hate water

Always make sure that your cat can swim in case she falls in, as it is not always a natural skill. In addition, you can provide them with a cat pool that they can lie in during the hot summer.

Please let us know in the comments below if we missed any cat breed that loves swimming and if your feline enjoys playing in the water.

Photo: Daniel Tuttle

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