What Is The Mission Of A Cat

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What Is The Mission Of A Cat

Most of us think that cats do nothing. They’re lazy and spend their days doing nothing but eat and sleep. However it’s not so! Do you know what is the mission of a cat? Have you ever wondered why so many people today have cats? It’s more than the number of people who have dogs.

The Mission Of Cats

Cats perceive energy and mood in humans and other cats. This perception is based on the premise of understanding non-vor stress. Cats are uniquely perceptive, and for this reason, if your cat is hiding from you or another person, it may be because they are sensing something negative.

All cats have the force to remove the negative energy accumulated in our body. As soon as we fall asleep, cats absorb that energy.

Even one cat is able to accumulate an excessive amount of negativity by absorbing energy from more than one persons. When they sleep, the cat’s body releases the negativity that took away from us. If we are too stressed, they may not have enough timultiple cats in the house, so that the weight is divided.

Cats also protect their humans during the night, so that no spirits enter our house while we sleep. That’s the reason why cats love to sleep on our bed. If your cat believes you’re fine, he won’t sleep with you.

Cats As Healers

In many cultures throught the years, like ancient Egypt, people believed that cats hold healing powers. They’re also said to be capable of absorbing bad energies. This ancient Egyptian belief is supported by the fact that a cat is incredibly hygienic and could be used to control vermin. Not only did cats clean themselves meticulously. Also, they kept Egyptian homes clean of rats or other vermin.

Since rats were considered carriers of diseases and bad energy, felines were granted the status of healer. In fact, this important Egyptian deity was symbolic of human and home protection additionally known as the goddess of happiness and harmony.

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