Watching Cat Videos Can Be Beneficial For Your Health

Published On: September 11th, 2021Categories: Cat News
Watching Cat Videos Can Be Beneficial For Your Health

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Japanese employers motivate employees to watch videos with cats on Youtube.

Most people would think that watching cat videos on YouTube isn’t a serious enough subject for academic research. However, according to other researchers, 2% of the videos on the well-known platform are about famous cats and their feats!

As Dr. Jessica Gall Myrick, Associate Professor, Pennsylvania State University said: “The truth is that we are talking about one of the most popular habits of Internet users”. So, we can not continue to ignore cats. It’s really important to understand in depth the effects of the internet on human psychosynthesis.

Watching Cat Videos Can Be Beneficial For Your Health

YouTube has 122 million active users, over 1 billion hours of watching time, and 6.5 billion views every single day! Being the second most visited website on the entire internet, we conclude that today more than 20 million people will open their computer or smartphone looking for the next cat video.

But why is this huge expansive predominance of cats in human communication tools?

The scientific community tends to believe that the positive psychological consequences of living with one or more cats are somehow diffused just by watching a video starring our favorite furry friends. Various laboratory studies have researched the reactions of brain function while watching a cat video. What they discovered is amazing. Watching cat videos:

  • relieve work stress
  • enhances the body’s energy levels
  • improves work performance and
  • increases levels of attention and concentration.

The findings were so heartwarming that many employers (in Japan) now encourage their employees to watch cat videos as a group during their breaks.

Susan Diane Wojcicki, CEO of YouTube, said: “It doesn’t matter what you are looking for on YouTube. I guarantee you that in the end, you‘ll end up watching videos with cats “.

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