This Is The World’s Tallest Living Cat In The Guinness World Records

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This Is The World’s Tallest Living Cat

Meet Fenrir, the affable cat who, according to Guinness World Records, is the world\’s tallest living cat. This cat can surely stand proudly with this accolade under his belt. But there\’s much more to be proud of for him. The nearly 3-year-old kitten is a well-liked therapy cat.

Dr. William Powers  is a family physician and HIV specialist who runs his own medical office where Fenrir serves as a therapy animal. He took in Fenrir when he was just 12 weeks old. Though his record-breaking height came as a surprise, it was expected that the cat would grow larger due to his breed.


The World’s Tallest Living Cat

Fenrir is an F2 Savannah Cat, which is a mix between a domestic cat and an African serval. The cute feline has several grandparents and is the child of an F1 generation female. Fenrir\’s grandpa, Kongo, was a tall wild cat who contributed the genetics for his incredible height. Fenrir is tall for his breed despite his outstanding ancestry. He stands 18.83 inches (47.83 cm) tall, whereas the normal height is 14 to 17 inches.

People frequently complain about the unfairness of the records, because Fenrir is a Savannah cat. However, according to Guinness\’ standards, every cat competing in a cat record must be a recognized breed by TICA (The International Cat Association).

Domestic breed cats are defined by TICA as F2 Savannah cats and lower (f3/f4/f5) but not f1 hybrids. As a result, Fenrir is permitted to compete for that record. That record, in fact, has always been held by a Savannah cat. Guinness used to measure the weight of the cats, but because people were force-feeding their cats to make them fat, they shifted to tallest.

Fenrir, on the other hand, is a champ to Powers, who took him out as a kitten and made sure he was well socialized with humans. Fenrir grew into a sociable feline with a highly loving attitude as a result of being touched constantly. Powers and Fenrir have leveraged the cat\’s world record status to collect money for animals in need, notably shelter cats. Fenrir attends the gatherings and people pay a couple bucks to have a picture with him.\” The funds generated through these picture opportunities are subsequently donated to shelters.


Fenrir the Therapy Cat

Fenrir\’s is also working as a therapy cat in Dr. Powers\’ medical office. together with his other cats play an important role in Powers\’ experience as a family therapist and his work with HIV patients.

He follows Dr. Powers from room to room, leaps up on the exam table when he welcomes the patient, and goes to work making them feel secure and comfortable. Patients occasionally wish to visit Fenrir as part of their appointment, and he provides a calming presence as well as a gentle and pleasant diversion when Powers has deliver a harsh prognosis.

Powers has grown several outstanding cats by accident, thanks to his time and attention and this unusual diet.Apart from Fenrir, Fenrir\’s late brother Arcturus, who was 19.05 inches (48.38 cm) tall, also holds the Guinness World Record for the tallest cat ever.

Powers now owns Altair, Cygus\’s sibling, who also holds the world record for the longest tail on a live cat. All of Powers\’ present felines, particularly Fenrir, with his distinct personality and energetic demeanor, have aided in the healing process following the catastrophic losses caused by the fire.


But it\’s not simply Fenrir\’s extraordinary achievements that have people talking. It\’s Powers\’ love for his adorable felines, the one-of-a-kind service he provides to his HIV patients, and the incredible therapeutic bonds and relationships that ensue.
You may follow Dr. Powers\’ wonderful creatures on Instagram and Facebook.

You can watch the tribute to Fenrir on the Youtube channel of Guinness World Records

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