This Is The World’s Oldest Living Cat According To Guinness World Records

Published On: December 25th, 2022Categories: Cat News
This Is The World's Oldest Living Cat According To Guinness World Records

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Every cat has something lovable and distinctive. However, a faline from the United Kingdom has stayed special the longest. This feline is Flossie, the cat that has recently broken a record by becoming the world’s oldest living cat. The Guinness World Records dubbed this black and brown feline the oldest living cat. On November 10, 2022, she was 26 years and 316 days old—equivalent to 120 human years for a cat—when she was given the coveted title.

The Story Of Flossie

Flossie was born in 1995 as a stray in a feral colony near a hospital in Liverpool. Moved by the harsh conditions the cats were subjected to, a group of workers agreed to adopt a cat each, which is how Flossie met her first owner. Flossie’s first owner died ten years later, but her late owner’s sister decided to adopt Flossie. They were together for 14 years till the second owner died. Following that, her son took care of Flossie, who was then 24 years old.

World's Oldest Living Cat According To Guinness World Records

The normal lifetime for a domestic cat is approximately 12-14 years, with a few living to be about 20 years old.

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After three years together, the third owner realized that the senior kitty’s demands were becoming increasingly difficult and committed her to a Cats Protection shelter. It wasn’t an easy decision, He sought their assistance when it was in Flossie’s best interests. Responsible cat ownership is when a person prioritizes an animal’s needs before their own sentiments.

However, it was only then that the group found out what they were up against. They were astounded to discover that Flossie’s vet records indicated she was 27 years old.

This Is The World's Oldest Living Cat According To Guinness World Records

World’s Oldest Living Found A Permanent House

Everyone was concerned that Flossie might spend her final days hunting for a permanent home. However, it didn’t take long for the cute feline to be matched with her new mom, Vicki Green.Vicky had plenty of experience caring for senior cats. Flossie is in fantastic health, according to Green, despite being mostly blind and deaf. According to Green, the gentle cat also enjoys napping on her treasured yellow blanket and “never turns her nose up at the possibility of a delicious meal.”

Green hopes that this tale will inspire other people to adopt older animals.

“I thought Flossie was a special cat from the start, but I never imagined I’d share my house with the World’s Oldest Living Cat,” Green said.

The World's Oldest Living Cat According To Guinness World Records

You can watch the full video on Guiness World Records Youtube Channel.

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