The Top 5 Money Saving Hacks For Cat Parents

Published On: September 26th, 2021Categories: Top Tips
The Top 5 Money Saving Hacks For Cat Parents

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Owning a cat is like having the most amazing friend. Whether you’re a lifelong pet parent or you’ve recently adopted a kitty, you know that cats are great but can be incredibly expensive. Expenses like food, medicine, and vet care all add up. Luckily, there are ways you can save money.

Top 5 Money Saving Hacks For Cat Parents

Here are 5 money saving tips that’ll keep both your cat and your wallet happy. The Top 5 Money Saving Hacks For Cat Parents

Adopt a kitty. Don’t buy

The fee you pay when adopting a shelter cat covers medicine, spay/neuters, vaccinations or microchipping. Also, this money helps the shelter keep running so they can rescue more cats and find them loving homes.

Purebred cats can be expensive, sometimes costing several thousand dollars. Even if you have your heart set on a purebred Sphynx or a Russian blue, there are ways to get your favourite cat without spending a lot of money.

You can contact your local shelter and ask them to keep an eye out for the breed you are interested in. Adopting protects an unwanted kitty from a tragic end and saves you a ton of money.

Top 5 Money Saving Hacks For Cat Owners

Make DIY Toys Or Fix Old Toys

With the advent of Facebook, Youtube, TikTok, and Instagram, learning new skills is as easy as watching a video. Instead of buying new toys every now and then for your cat, you can create your own.

Glue together a group of toilet rolls inside a tissue box. Then, randomly fill them with treats. Your furry baby will be stimulated when he “hunts” for a treat.

Every cat parent learns soon enough that cats lose interest in toys very quickly. Try spraying old toys with catnip-infused spray, which will arouse your cat’s interest. This aν effective way to keep your cat interested in his toys for longer.

Research the Cat Food

Buying good-quality food for your cat might seem expensive in the short term, but it’ll save you a lot of dollars in the future. Raising your cat on a high quality diet is of great importance in preventing health problems down the line.

Once you’ve found a food that your cat enjoys, you can start looking for the best price, coupons and website deals. Cat food can be cheaper if you buy it in bulk. If you can’t possibly use up everything you purchase before the expiration date, you can share it with other cat parents of your neighbour.

Dental Care

Starting caring about your cat’s teeth from the beginning will save you a lot of money as your cat grows older. You can train your cat so that he lets you brush his teeth. However, not all cats seem to enjoy this procedure. In this case, you should ask your vet and use some high-quality oral hygiene chews.

Bacteria associated with dental disease can affect a cat’s entire body. They can travel in the bloodstream and infect your cat’s heart, kidneys, and liver. So, taking care of your cat’s teeth now will prevent you from expensive teeth cleanings and other serious health issues.

The Top 5 Money Saving Hacks For Cat Parents

Spay and neuter your cat

Spaying or neutering will benefit your kitty medically and behaviorally. It’ll prevent many different infections and cancers that occur in the uterus and ovaries. Yes, there is an upfront cost associated with spaying and neutering, but you’ll save a small fortune in the long run.

Having a cat is not a cheap “sport”. However if you follow these simple tips you’ll see that it’s really simple to save money. Money Saving Hacks For Cat Owners

Do you have any money-saving tips that you use? Share with us in the comments below your experiences and ideas…

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