Syrian Boy Rescued A Cat By Carrying It On His Back

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Syrian Boy Rescued A Cat 2

Even though Ahmed is just 12 years old, he possesses the bravery and a generous heart that many adults only dream about. He has just risen to Turkish news sites, and a video of him rescuing a kitten from danger quickly became popular on social media.

The Syrian youngster resides in Erdemli, a district in Turkey\’s province of Mersin. A cat that was wedged between two pipes with telephone wires running through it, all approximately 10 meters high on a riverbed during this dry season, caught his notice about a week ago. The cat whines but is unable to escape and runs the risk of tumbling into the abyss.


A good 35 meters from the road\’s safe side, Ahmed hopped over the guardrail without thinking, climbed up the two pipes, and then moved gently through the constrained space to reach the cat. While this is happening, numerous others pause to witness his bravery, and someone records it on camera before sharing it on social media. This allows people all over the world to admire his deed.

Reaching the cat isn\’t the hardest part, though; it\’s finding out how to bring it to safety in such perilous circumstances. The cat is made to climb onto Ahmed\’s back as he returns to the road slowly, just like in the first leg, and Ahmed comes up with a solution that is as implausible as it is successful.


The child lost track as the cat leaped off his back and vanished just a few meters from safety. Ahmed, however, experienced enormous gratification as people applauded him for his bravery and the same thing happened on social media, where adoring comments and \”likes\” poured in to honor the small but heroic hero.

You can watch the video on Youtube

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