Shopping List for Your New kitty

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Shopping List for Your New kitty

When it’s about time to bring your new kitty home, there are a few things to collect, so your cat will feel like a member of your family.

Try to complete the following list a few days in advance to save stress on the \”big day\”. Also, you don’t want to realize just a few moments before the arrival that you forgot something essential. So, here comes the list of the most important items that you’ll need:

  1. Food
  2. Food and water bowls
  3. Grooming tools
  4. Cat carrier
  5. Scratching posts
  6. Litter box
  7. Bed
  8. Toys

Let’s get a little bit deeper…


Shopping List for Your New kitty


If you can contact the previous owner of the cat, it would be really helpful to get some advice and give your new pet whatever food he\’s accustomed to. If you acquire a cat from a breeder, their contract will either strongly suggest you feed it a certain kind of food. If you’re not sure about your cat’s background, here you can find some tips to determine what to feed your pet.

Food and water bowls

Although you can use any ceramic or stainless steel bowl you have available in your kitchen, you might want to provide his very own dishes. It’s not recommended to use plastic bowls, as soft plastic is easy to be scratched creating a home for bacteria. Instead there is a huge variety of stainless steel bowls available for pets.

Using an automatic food or water server is a good idea, especially if you’re away from home for long periods during the day and most cats love the fresh taste of running water.

Grooming Tools

Grooming is a great way to bond with your new kitty. It also gives you the opportunity to inspect your cat and make him look more adorable, but it will also benefit him in a better way. Grooming is not only about the appearance of your cat; it\’s also good for their health. Look for a fine-toothed comb and a rubber-backed pin brush.

Cat Carrier

This is one of the most important on the list. Don\’t ever try to transport a cat without one. A simple cardboard carrier is fine for bringing your kitty home, but you\’ll have to replace it soon with solid-bottomed fiberglass or tough plastic carrier with a secure latch and a screened opening so that your cat can look through.

Scratching Post

Whether you like it or not, your cat is going to scratch. Start your relationship the right way, by investing in a scratching post. It can be fancy or simple, or it can have a catnip scent applied to attract your kitty.

Litter box

For grown cats, you should search for a sizable box with high sides, as they tend to throw the litter around quite a bit.

Kitties will need a box that\’s low enough for them to enter easily. There are various kinds of litter, and the plant-based kind seems to be the safest. Clumping clay litter contains an ingredient that can harm cats if ingested, and all clay litters tend to stir up dust, which is not healthy to breathe, either for you or your cat.

The litter box can be as simple or as complex as your pocket allows but it’s ok to start with a basic plastic one. Also, consider a mat under the box to catch stray litter. These can be mats at a pet store, or a few inexpensive carpets, that can just be tossed and replaced when they get dirty.


This is your first cat, the excitement is palpable and he may likely sleep on your own bed, however, it\’s still a good idea to provide the kitty with his own special, cozy place for napping. Before purchasing, make sure that it is comfortable, easily washable and spacious enough for an adult cat to curl up comfortably.


Last but not least… All cats love to play, and your bonding will begin by playing with your kitty and his toys. Your cat needs to be able to hunt, stalk, and act out his natural, instinctive behaviors. Provide him with appropriate resources so he can play, engage in natural predatory behaviors, and have control over his social interactions.

The fishing pole, catnip mice, kitty houses and climbing posts could be some good ideas for interactive play and fun.

What was your shopping list when you got your first kitty home? Write down in the comments below anything that we might forgot and share your thoughts with us…

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