Pet Photographer Reveals How Cats Look From Below

Published On: 06/06/2022|By |Categories: Cat News|1 min read|
Pet Photographer Reveals How Cats Look From Below

Paws and bellies are arguably two of the cutest parts of our cats, and thanks to photographer Andrius Burba, we can have a real good look at them. Burba is known for his unusual approach to pet photography. He photographs cats, dogs, horses and even turtles, snakes, and lizards from underneath while they stand on a glass table.

His ongoing series, named \”Underlook\”, provides a clear picture of animals’ fluffy underbellies and paws, as well as their adorable personalities.

From cats and dogs to various snakes and lizards, Burba continues to showcase our best friends of all shapes and sizes from below.

In behind-the-scenes videos posted on YouTube, Burba we can have a look at his process for setting up his equipment and posing the animals in place.

If you want to see more, you can follow Andrius Burba on Instagram and Youtube.

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