People who look like cats

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People who look like cats

Photographer Gerrard Gethings decided to create a series of photos with people who look very much like some cat breed. The people depicted are not the real owners of the cats but models that the photographer chose after casting. First, he made the portraits of the cats and then he tried to find the double based either on a particular sign or on a pose the cats were taking.

Anyone who approached Gerrard for his work agreed to participate. \”Some of them were a little confused by the idea. But I have already tried the same with dogs. Cats, in general, are much more beautiful than dogs. It is easier to tell someone that he looks like a cat than to say, for example, \”you look like a French Bulldog\”. \”I think people are flattered if you tell them they look like cats.\”


Photoshooting cats was a laborious process, unlike dogs. Dogs came willingly to his studio, and now Gerrard had to visit every cat in his home. Armed with toys and snacks, he traveled from Norfolk to Scotland and from Bristol to Cambria, knowing that there was no guarantee that photography would be successful.

More than once he arrived at the home of a cat who stubbornly refused to get out from under the bed until Gethings left. “Other times, he would set up the equipment and lights around a small table, \”and the cats would go up and sit at the table nicely, licking their feet and just watching what was going on as I prepared the scene.\” Then, as soon as he took out his camera, \”they would go and hide and never return. \”It almost seemed like they were doing it on purpose.\”



Gerrard Gethings is a professional animal photographer and over the years has photographed goats, cows, sheep, pigeons and bees. He has also taken photos of celebrities’ pets, including Elle Macpherson, Gok Wan, Mark Ronson and Brix Smith Start. He began his career as an abstract painter and worked in the studio of the legendary photographer Terry O\’Neill. But while the job was interesting and he met a lot of celebrities, photographing celebrities did not suit his character.

For the photo with the cat that looks like it belongs to the Hells Angel \”I uploaded a photo of Hagrid (from Harry Potter) on Instagram and asked if anyone knows someone who looks like this guy and a man replied that he is the same as him. And it really was.


The haughty cat paired with the refined woman wearing gray fur was one of the most difficult shots. \”The cat looks very calm, but it spent the first hour hiding under the furniture and that was probably the only perfect shot we got. He stood motionless for a fraction of a second. \”.

You can find Gerrard\’s photos on his Instagram Profile: gezgethings

Photo Shoot: Gerrard Gethings

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