Mental Health Benefits of Having a Cat

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Mental Health Benefits of Having a Cat

Having cats is a wonderful experience, from the morning purr to the snuggle session over coffee. However, have you ever wondered about the Mental Health Benefits of Having a Cat?

Every evening that I return home I feel the stress of the day goes away just by running my fingers through my cat’s fur. According to researchers, more than 80% of cat owners feel a therapeutic benefit from their cats, with the majority of them saying that this bond has improved their quality of life. We’ll try to get deeper into the science behind the positive effects they have on our lives. Here are some of the incredible ways cats help mental health:


  • Mood Boosting Effects. Who doesn’t love cat videos? According to studies, people feel more energetic, more positive, and had fewer negative emotions after watching cat videos.If this is what we can get from a video, then imagine what your own cat is doing to your mood every day.
  • Structure And Responsibility. The responsibility of having to empty that litter tray, or feed your little furry friend can be a great way to refocus and give purpose to a difficult day. It can be the one thing that gets you moving again when you feel like your battery has been totally drained dry. What is perfect about cats is that they offer quiet companionship without asking for too many things. Our feline friends have such a self-reliant, self-led nature that they can provide some gentle structure and responsibility without demanding too much.
  • Sleep. More than 40% of people who share their beds with cats claim that sleep is more rejuvenating. Especially, If you’re someone who struggles with whirring thoughts preventing you from sleep, and your cat naps in the same room, why not try a little bit of mindfulness? Focus on their quiet purrs, and whistling breaths, and let every unpleasant thought just go away!Mental Health
  • Social Connection. There’s something about owning a pet that makes you more open and able to connect with people, as we share stories of their personalities, quirks, and experiences with our felines. We are creating friendships based on our mutual affection for our cats. Also, cat parents seem to have higher levels of trust in others, being more socially sensitive and attentive too.
  • Companionship. For people with difficulties in social interactions or for those living alone, a cat can offer beneficial companionship and create opportunities for communication. Even during a bad day at work, just looking at your cat’s photo can improve any feelings of social rejection.
  • Recovery. Scientists have discovered that cats can play a significant part in this healing process of trauma, whether it’s something physical or emotional. So not only can cats help us feel better during our day-to-day lives, but they will be there for us in the toughest periods of our lives too.
Their gentleness, playfulness and rumbling purrs (why do acts purr) are the perfect soul-soother for every cat parent. In fact, as well as being a sign of happiness, purring alone has practical health benefits too. Share with us your thoughts in the comments below and tell us how is your cat helping you.

Photoshoot: Nataliya Vaitkevich

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