Man Saved Cat Who Stayed Several Days On A Tree

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Man Saved Cat Who Stayed Several Days On A Tree

Matt Bauman spent two hours on a tree last week, armed with a can of tuna and a lot of patience. More than half of that time he was trying to persuade a cold, tired cat toward him—80 feet above the ground.

Jingle, the cute cat, had been up on the tree for approximately two weeks, suffering terrible cold with little to eat or drink. He was so exhausted that he almost got asleep while Baumann waited to place him in a bag.

“Cats don’t usually reach that high, although they are excellent climbers, ” Baumann said. “It’s not so much the going up as it’s the getting down.”

Baumann worked in the tree-care industry for 12 years, in Knoxville, Tenn. When he has leisure time, he saves cats. He ‘s saved so many of them that he “could write a book.

Man Saved Cat From A Tree

It required several attempts to save Jingle. The initial effort on Dec. 22 failed because he climbed too high for Baumann to reach him, and he stayed there until the next day when Baumann returned.

As Christmas approached, the weather turned cold, too cold for Baumann to resume the rescue. He was still too high on December 28, but Baumann went back up with all the supplies he could carry.

He made it up there, but the tuna took its time doing its spell. Fighting weariness, Jingle eventually made his way over to Baumann and his empty rope bag.

It took more than an hour to wait. He was so fatigued, hungry, and thirsty that Baumann had no trouble getting him into the sack and carrying him down softly. After two weeks in the tree, Savage was finally back on the ground.

It’s unknown how Savage got more than 80 feet up the tree. But Finally, he was reunited with his happy owners before being examined by a veterinarian. He had mild frostbite, but his blood work was basically normal.

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