Man Rescued Kitty From Rising Waters During Hurricane Ian

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Man Rescued Kitty From Rising Waters


Mike Ross, recently went through the rising waters of Florida\’s Hurricane Ian to rescue a terrified kitten. Mike\’s mother, Marybeth, caught her son\’s impressive act on camera, and later, Scavo, Mike\’s girlfriend posted the video on her Twitter account.

Mike had decided to visit his parent\’s house on the night of the storm, as his own house in southwest Florida was  under water. However, the category 4 storm was getting worse, with wind speeds of up to 150 miles per hour. Around 2 PM, he spotted the orange and white cat seeking refuge on top of a mounted air conditioning unit. Mike grew up in Florida and he is used to extreme weather conditions, but even he considered this particular storm as “absolutely terrible.


On the video posted by his girlfriend Megan, Ross gently put the cat in his arms as he steps up from the rushing water to save the cute feline. Once safely tucked against Ross\’s chest, the rescued kitty reaches up and holds onto Mike\’s shoulder as he brings it through the rushing water.

The video went viral with thounds of likes, retweets and comments, and folks praising Mike Ross for saving the cat.

Some of the comments expressed concern for the lives endangered by Hurricane Ian, and so, the couple has now started a GoFundMe campaign for animals and people and help them restore homes damaged by the hurricane.


Now this wonderful story of Mike Ross has inspired cat lovers and others in need of a hero.

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