How To Protect Wires And Cords From Cat-chewing

Published On: October 9th, 2020Categories: How To Tips
How to protect wires and cords from cat-chewing

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Cats love chewing!! especially when left alone during the day!! Some of their favorite toys are cords and wires, completely ignoring the dangers. While you are away from home, try to provide plenty of toys to your cat to keep busy. Wall-mounted toys, cat towers, or toys that dispense treats or laser pointers are a few of the greatest ways to satisfy their hunting instincts.

In the following lines we have gathered for you some of the most effective ways to handle cord chewing:

  • Firstly try to cover the cords. A pre-split hollow tubing or kits for managing computer cords are ideal for covering the cords and wires. They are easy to find in most computer supply stores.
  • Find tricks to discourage access to the cords. Try to apply several rows of double-sided sticky tape to the floor to the large cord tangle and your cat will be reluctant to walk across the tape.
  • Make the Cords Taste Bad. Using a spray, like bitter apple, is by far one of the best training tools for destructive chewing. It is guaranteed that the bad taste will discourage our little friends. However, keep in mind that you may need to apply more than once for a cat with a persistent attitude.
  • Lastly, hide the cords. Some good options could be behind our furniture like the bookshelves, the table, under the bed or chair. Be creative and think of more secret places that your little detective will not have access to.

How to protect wires and cords from cat-chewing

Feel free to write down in the comments below your thoughts and let us know about the ways you use to protect your cat from the wires… Or the wires from your cat.

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