How To Prevent Your Cat From Biting

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How to prevent your cat from biting

While you may not be able to prevent your cat from biting, there are some techniques you may try. You\’ll likely have to tailor your response to the age of your cat (older cat versus kitten) and the reason for the biting (dominance assertion versus communication).

Maintain consistent responses and make sure that all family members and visitors follow the same rules. If the cat gets mixed messages, it will be harder for you to enact your training.


  • Never allow your cat to play with your bare hands, or fingers because you are encouraging a risky habit. Your cat should be taught that hands are not toys.
  • Offer a variety of toys in order for your cat not to get bored. Toys that dispense treats are a great way to keep their environment enriched and you may encourage appropriate play behavior by rewarding play them.
  • If the bite hurts, you have to make a noise and have to pull your hand away exactly how another cat would to stop the game. Use this method as a distraction to gently praise your cat for a soft mouth and stop this bad behavior, not as a punishment.
  • If your cat bites and does not let go, push your hand and arm towards the bite to prompt your cat to release you. Pulling away from the bite makes the cat instinctively bite even more.
  • If your cat becomes over-excited and attacks your feet when you walk into the room, teach him/her to sit and offer rewards. Eventually, the cat will want to sit to get a reward instead of biting your feet.


You can try any of these methods that fit your style but avoid physical punishment, which is more likely to make your cat fight back or engage in rough play.

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