How To Keep Your Cat Safe At Halloween

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How To Keep Your Cat Safe At HalloweenHow To Keep Your Cat Safe At Halloween

Wearing spooky costumes might be real fun for most of us, however, our cats may not enjoy this ghastly season.
Halloween can be great fun for humans, and our canine friends might even enjoy chasing around an extra goblin or two! But, no matter how much we may enjoy dressing up our children or ourselves, our cats though tolerant in some instances and despite our enthusiasm to have them join in the festivities, may not be having as much fun. In fact, in most cases, our feline companions might like to skip this holiday altogether. 

Keeping Your Cat Safe At Halloween

All these unfamiliar faces, the spooky costumes and the scary frightening sounds may not only be upsetting for your cat, but can even be deadly. Here we\’ve gathered for you a few tips to help you keep your cat calm, safe, and happy during this spooky holiday.

Keep Your Cat Indoors

If your cute friend is an outdoor cat, consider keeping him inside on Halloween. You could also keep all cats in a secure room away from the busy front door so that they’re not able to escape if anything scares them. This will also help them remain comfortable and stress-free.

Black cats especially are at great risk around Halloween. Unfortunately, there are sadistic people who it\’s cool to harm, or torture cats. This type of cruelty doesn\’t happen really often, however, it\’s good to be better prepared and keep our cats safe. Why do these sadistic people harm cats at Halloween? It may have to do with the mythological association between cats and witches. A cat out on the street at this time is also at risk of being scared and panicked by people wearing strange costumes, without meaning it real harm.


Keep Halloween Candy Away From Your Cat

Halloween candy is designed for you and not the teeth of your cat. Chocolate can be poisonous for cats and dogs. Also, lollipops with those hard plastic sticks may get caught in your cat\’s throat. Cellophane and foil wrappers could also be potential hazards. 

So, make sure that you\’ll keep all this candy out of your cat\’s reach. If you don’t want your cat to feel left out you can find some Halloween-themed cat-friendly treats in shops so he can join in on the fun too.

Reconsider The Decoration

Everyone loves those spooky-faced pumpkins with candles to help set the mood for Halloween. Your cat as well, so he may find the flicker from the light inside fascinating and may knock the pumpkin over which could even start a fire. So, you can decorate the outside of your house, instead of the rooms, and keep candles and Jack O\’ Lantern away from your cat.

Avoid Cat Costumes

No matter how cute cats might look dressed as witches, zombies, or even ghosts, costumes are more fun for us than they are for our pets. Not only cats aren\’t comfortable in these costumes, but also they may frighten them and injure themselves.

If you just want a few photos for Instagram, just make sure that any costume you buy doesn’t restrict their movement, hearing, eyesight, their ability to drink or eat and never leave your cat unsupervised in his costume.

Make Sure your cat Is Microchipped

There\’s always the possibility that your cat manages to escape at night or doesn’t come home in the lead-up to Halloween. It would be safer if your cat is microchipped, and if he is, make sure that your details are up-to-date. You could also consider putting a tag with your phone number on him as this can also increase the chances of you and your cat being reunited.

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