How To Introduce Yourself To A Cat

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How to introduce yourself to a cat

You may have noticed that people who don’t actually like cats are, often the first that a cat will approach in a room. Have you ever wondered why this happens? And how do I introduce myself to a cat?

Top Tips To Introduce Yourself To A Cat

Cats are independent creatures and first impressions matter. Watching how these people interact with cats provides powerful clues about the best ways to approach felines. In this article, we will present to you some tips to help you introduce yourself to a cat properly.


Get Down To The Same Level

Anybody would feel nervous in the presence of someone so tall. So the best way to start is to make yourself less threatening by sitting on the floor during the introduction.

Let the cat approach you.

Do not pet a cat without invitation. Felines will often run away from people who are outgoing. Bring your index finger out in front of you in a way that you\’re relaxing your finger. Presenting the top of your finger as a nose to your cat\’s nose, so that she would go nose to nose as a greeting.

Pet the new cat carefully.


After that, the cat will probably rub the head on your hand and start pushing which means that the meeting is going well. Then it is the right time to start petting gently but not for too long.

Avoid staring at the cat.

If you look at a feline for a long period of time then she may interpret that as a sign of confrontation. Just keep your eyes on the cat for just a moment and then close your eyes and open them slowly while looking at her to show that you trust her.

Read the body language.

Some cats are outgoing while others are shy. So, try to read the signs that your little friend is showing to you. If the new cat is twitching the tail or running away then it is not the perfect timing to pet her. If you try to caress her at this time she may use her claws or even bite you.

Ask the cat\’s parents.

A responsible and observant parent is the best person to advise what the cat likes or not.

Give a second chance.

If the first impression did not go the desired way, do not hesitate to re-introduce yourself. Try a different approach, be more patient and easy, and more gentle. Not all felines need the same time to get used to you.


When you are trying to introduce yourself to a cat, the key is to be calm and gentle, always letting her take the lead by making the first move.

Have you introduced yourself to a cat recently? Share with us your experience. What tips do you usually use when you try to approach a feline? Let us know in the comments below.

Photo: Humberto Arellano

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