How to introduce your baby to the cat

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How to introduce your baby to the cat

Now that 9 hard months have gone and your baby is finally here, it’s about time to make the introductions. You can find more info on how to prepare your cat for your new baby here.

Once you have established a routine that works for your cat, it’s important to keep the same positive atmosphere even after the baby comes home. I know how hard it can be with a new baby at home but 1 thing is crucial. Your kitty needs to understand that he is not going to lose you or his territory and of course that the arrival of the baby is something positive.

To make that happen, your cat has to be familiar with your baby’s scent. One good way to achieve that is by placing used baby blankets or clothes around the spots where your cat sleeps and eats. These two activities are the most pleasurable for your furry friend.

Never neglect playtime. Take turns with your partner to play with your kitty or ask a, so the same schedule is maintained more or less. If you skip play time then your cat will feel overlooked and you don’t want to connect this feeling with the baby.

Don’t punish your furry friend no matter whatever he does, because he\’s not doing it to be mean. Instead of coming down on him, you have to try to figure out what happened and triggered this behavior.


The baby on it’s own rarely is the problem. Most of the time, the lack of attention from you is what pushes your cat to act weird. Marking their territory, or showing signs of problematic behaviors is their way of asserting themselves.

Don’t forget to reward your pet with a treat, a hunting game, and a pat when they seem relaxed and are well behaved. Always be present when your cat is in the same room as your baby, and it’s best to keep your furry friend out of the nursery.

How did your cat react to the arrival of your baby? Share with us in the comments below your experience and useful tips for all new cat and baby parents of our community.

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