How to calm your cat

Published On: February 24th, 2021Categories: How To Tips
How to calm your cat

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As most cat parents can confirm, cats, no matter what breed, are creatures of habit and comfort. They can be stressed or scared by a variety of things from a small change in their routine to a new person in the house. How to calm your cat

As mentioned in previous posts it is really important to know your cat and observe his behavior. When your feline is feeling stressed, then you will notice a change in body language. Whatever made him get upset, all you want is to trust you.

In the following lines, we provide some of the most helpful tips to calm your cat and bring him back to his happy life.

Be There for Your Cat, But not so close

This is one of the most common mistakes cat lovers make. While a hug can be relaxing for a human, it won’t have the same result on your cat. If you notice that your cat gets stressed, then your presence will be helpful, especially if he trusts you. If your cat is seeking a hug then he will come and get it. In some cases, you will need a lot of patience, as it might take hours to calm down, but always give him space.

How To Calm Your Cat

Blink slowly while looking

You might have noticed that when you look at your cat he might blink slowly and then look away. This is their way to show you that they are not a threat. So, next time you will see your cat stressed, just do exactly the same:

  • When you have eye contact, just close slowly your eyes and keep them closed for 1-2 seconds.
  • Slowly open your eyes and wait for a second turn your look to something else, with no sudden movements.

We love this little trick not only because it calms a cat, but also because it helps cat parents to bond with their cats. How to calm your cat

Relaxing sounds

Except for smells, cats are also sensitive to noise. Sometimes, external sounds and noises (constructions, passing cars, etc.) can cause stress to your cat. In this case, the best solution is to provide soft relaxing music. Classical music or pleasant white noise are excellent selections that can bring the desired result.

Calming essential oils

There are so many natural scents and essential oils that can create a nice and calm environment for you and your cat. Just 2-3 drops of honeysuck or lavender oil on a paper towel, so it’s just airing the room can have calming effects on your cat. However, make sure to keep it in a safe place as it could be dangerous for your little friend if comes into direct contact.

Cozy and safe environment

It is always important not to restrict your cat. Although they don’t seem to enjoy large open spaces, they always want to have an escape route. Sometimes they need to climb somewhere high so that they can what’s happening below, while other times they look for a place to hide. A cat tree could be the best solution, combining both types of places.

Try using the above tips and check the impact they have on your cat. Every cat has a different personality and it is a pleasant procedure to know each other better and make your bond stronger. Tell us in the comments below if these tips were helpful or if you have any other ways to keep your feline calm and happy. How to calm your cat

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