How Much Do Cats Pee? Everything you Need To Know

Published On: February 9th, 2023Categories: Health
How Much Do Cats Pee?

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Animals like cats are incredibly efficient and don’t squander a lot of the water they use. In reality, the majority of the water exits their bodies through their urine. Cats are famous for their cleanliness. But how often and how much do cats pee?
Knowing how frequently your cat urinates throughout the day could help you identify any potential health issues.

How Much Do Cats Pee?

Urine, or cat pee, is the collection of excess water and substances that the cat’s body is no longer using. Every 24 hours healthy adult cats typically produce 27-29 ml/kg (milliliters per kilogram) of pee. However, the exact amount may vary based on the cat’s age and degree of activity. If you notice that your kitty is drinking more water than usual but doesn’t generate more pee, you should inform your vet. This could be a sign of health issues that you might prevent.

It’s also crucial to remember that cats have diverse preferences for where they like to relieve themselves. While some like using a litter box, others could prefer using outside spaces like gardens or sandboxes. Make sure you give your cat the option that best suits him, and keep an eye out for any changes.

Although this amount fluctuates depending on age and size, most adult cats should urinate at least once per 24 hours. Due to their smaller bladders, kittens tend to go more frequently, whereas older cats may only go every few days because their system no longer digests liquids as effectively.

How Much Do Cats Pee?

When Do Cats Pee?

Cat parents must be able to identify the signals that their cat needs to use the toilet in order to offer a clean environment for them. Cats typically begin sniffing or scratching before going, which are both signs that they’ll soon need to use a clean litter box.

A urinary tract infection (UTI) or other medical conditions that need veterinarian care may be indicated if your cat is struggling or making repeated excursions to the litter box without success. Contact your vet right away if you observe any changes in your cat’s bathroom routine, such as more frequent urinating or trouble passing pee.

Cats prefer to have a variety of litter boxes set up throughout the home so they can always find one when they need it. If you just have one, though, make sure to keep it clean by scooping out trash every day. Depending on how many cats are using it, totally replace the litter every one to two weeks.

Additionally, having an abundance of clean water around encourages appropriate hydration, which also maintains the function of the kidneys.

Check The Water Intake Of Your Cat

Less water is often consumed by cats who eat dry kibble, which results in more concentrated urine production than cats who eat wet chow. Make sure your cat has access to clean, fresh water throughout the day, and if required, think about changing their diet to wet food.

If you want them to drink more frequently, you may flavor the water or put some low-sodium chicken broth in the dish. Additionally, it’s crucial to replace the water every day to prevent it from becoming bad or picking up bacteria from their food bowls or other sources.

Every cat needs a balanced diet,  since it keeps their urinary tract in good condition. Consult your veterinarian to determine which food would be ideal for your cat’s age, breed, size and health.

Check For Changes In Peeing Habbits

If you detect a sudden change in your cat’s urine habitsthis might indicate an underlying medical problem like diabetes. In this situation, it’s crucial to take thyour furry friend to the vet straight soon for a checkup so he can receive the necessary care for recuperation.

How Much Do Cats Pee?


How frequently do cats urinate? Understanding how much pee cats make daily and why some cats may urinate more frequently than others is crucial. The warning indications that your cat may be urinating too much or too little must also be understood.

Also, keep in mind that cats, like people, may feel stress, which could influence how frequently they use the toilet. If they like being groomed, consider incorporating relaxing activities into their routine, such as playing with toys or giving them frequent brushings.

How often does your cat pee? Have you ever noticed any change in your cat’s peeing habbits? Share with us your story in the comment section below.

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