How Do Cats Show They Love You

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How Do Cats Show They Love You

Most of us think of cats as cold and distant, especially compared to dogs. While dogs are more obvious in their affection towards their humans, cats love their humans but in their own way. This includes marking you with their scent or other unpleasant ways, but your cat really does mean well.


One of the most obvious signs that your cat loves you is when they purr contentedly. Purring is one of the first ways that kittens learn to communicate with their mothers. Kitties express to their mothers that they are calm through purring, and a mother will use purring to soothe her kittens.

Purring is one of the sounds that cats use to communicate with us. and when it is combined with a relaxed body posture, your cat is telling you that they feel happy and safe with you. However, be careful, as not all purring is “I like you” purring. Cats will even purr when they are not feeling well as a way of soothing themselves. Find out why cats purr here.


Slow Blinking

When a cat closes his eyes, this is a sign of complete trust. These slow blinks demonstrate that he doesn’t feel frightened or threatened, as opposed to an unblinking stare which can be a sign of aggression or even fear. When your cat gives you some love with his eyes, give it right back. This way you‘ll show your cat that you‘re not a threat and it’s also a great way to strengthen your bond.

Exposing their belly

If your cat rolls over and exposes his belly to you, it is a great sign of trust. The tummy area is where many of a cat’s vital organs are located, and their natural instinct is to keep this area from being exposed to predators. When your cat shows you their belly, they are literally trusting you and there is no greater way to show their love and trust than that. However, this exposed belly might not be an invitation to give some belly rubs, as most cats don’t like to be touched in that area. As hard as it is to resist, it’s better for both of you if you admire your cat’s belly from a distance.

Rubbing up on you

Your cat may be rubbing his cheeks against you, doing figure 8 around your legs, or wrapping his tail around you. These and much more are ways that cats use to mark you with their scent and show affection. Your cat will rub up on you just the same way that he will rub up on his favorite spots around the house. What your cat is really trying to say is that you are safe, comforting, and familiar. What a perfect way to say “I love you”!


This might be hard to believe but kneading on you is a sign of love and affection. Kneading is when a cat pushes their front paws up and down on a surface, alternating between left and right. Except for marking you with their scent, cat kneading is an instinctive cat behavior showing that they feel comfortable around you. However, What is comforting to your cat might not be comfortable for you. Even though they are loving you, those sharp claws can be unpleasant, considering the fact that the happier your cat is, the harder he will knead you. Find out why cats knead here.


Bringing you gifts

This sounds nice at first and it can be when the gift is a toy or an object of the house, but it can get really creepy as a dead or dying animal. Cats are natural hunters and carnivores, and it is instinctual to hunt and bring it back to their kitties. Especially in spayed female cats that have no kitties to bring food and you are their closest family member. While we humans may not find a dead animal to be a great gift, for your cat, there is no greater indication of love and affection.

So next time your cat does one of the above, you‘ll know that he is feeling comfortable and happy close to you.

How is your cat expressing his love to you? Share with us in the comments below your stories and experiences.

Photoshoot: Sam Lion

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