Ginger Cat Appreciation Day

Published On: September 1st, 2022Categories: Cat facts

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It all started back in 1997 when Roy found a stray cat near his house.

Chris Roy is an American software developer, who turned into an animal rights activist. Roy found a stray cat near his house and decided to foster him for a while. However, he didn’t know yet that this small fur ball would change the purpose of his life forever.

Within days Roy created a special bond with his new friend, named Doobert. The cute ginger filled Roy’s life with warmth and belonging until 2014.

Doobert’s death was a great shock for Roy, who was lost in deep corners of grief. However, soon enough he found the strength to carry on and he dedicated the 1st of September as Ginger Cat Appreciation Day. The cute feline also inspired Roy to found a company called “Doobert” and also created a website, that aims to connect rescue homes and animal shelters with volunteers throughout the country.

By dedicating this day in memory of his cat, Roy wishes to carry the spirit of Doobert with everyone and spread the message of animal welfare around the world.

Source: NationaToday

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