Giant 3D Cat On A Tokyo Billboard Becomes the new Hotspot

Published On: 07/08/2021|By |Categories: Cat News|1 min read|
Giant 3D Cat On A Tokyo Billboard

A giant 3D cat appeared on a sign in Tokyo, one of the busiest train stations in the city. The billboard is located at the east exit of Shinjuku Railway Station, an area known as a busy shopping and business center, with about 190,000 people passing by daily.

The cat has no name. However, some people call it “Shinjuku east exit cat,” because of the nearby Shinjuku subway station. The cat appears walking and meowing on a 4K screen between ads and is so surreal that people think it is alive.

The billboard displays ads from 7 am to 1 pm and changes throughout the day. As for the cat, it seems to wake up in the morning and until the afternoon you can see it standing and meowing to passers-by. At night she lies down and sleeps with her head resting on her feet.

For those who can\’t see the cat sign up close, Cross Space has started a live view of the sign via YouTube. However, a press release warns people that the 3D effect may be reduced depending on the viewing angle.

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