Fun Facts About Maine Coons. 5 Things You Didn’t Know About The Gentle Giants

Published On: November 7th, 2022Categories: Cat breeds, Cat facts
Fun Facts About Maine Coons

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Anyone who has ever had a Maine Coon knows that these gentle giants are one of a kind. Their enormous size, long coats, bushy tails, and loving nature have earned them one of the world’s most popular cat species.

Maine Coons, one of North America’s oldest natural breeds, are magnificent cats with a charmingly playful side. These skilled mousers adore hunting prey and so prefer playing with their owners in order to maintain their skill.

Maine Coons are so popular that they have their own organization: the Maine Coon Breeders and Fanciers Association. This global association, founded in 1968, promotes the breed, which went so far out of favor that it was assumed to be extinct in the 1950s! Keep reading to find out 5 fun facts about Maine coons.

Fun Facts About Maine Coons

1. Maine Coons Come In A Variety Of Colors

Most Maine Coon fans are accustomed to seeing this cat with a characteristic brown tabby coat. However, Maine Coons may be found in a wide range of hues. While they aren’t bred to be lavender or chocolate, they can range from solid to tortoiseshell to calico. Want to see another of their amazing physical characteristics? Just stare them in the eyes. Maine Coons’ eyes are often green, gold, or copper in hue.

2. Maine Coon Cats Chirp

Maine Coon cats are noted for their chirps, although all cats meow. While the sociable creature meows like other cats, they also emit chirping noises when conversing with you. They may also trill, which is a blend of meowing and purring. It’s simply one of the qualities that make the Maine Coon a wonderful pet.

Fun Facts About Maine Coons

3. They Have Unique Personalities

Maine Coons, sometimes known as “dogs of the cat world,” are typically friendly and like human company. These gentle giants may be taught to play fetch! They are extremely devoted and like being with their owners, yet they can keep themselves entertained when necessary. Maine Coons are also wonderful pets for families with children. Their lively attitude makes them enjoyable for youngsters, and their small stature means they are not scared or afraid to be handled by children.

4. A Maine Coon Cat Was Cloned

In 2004, a Maine Coon called Little Nicky became the first commercially cloned domestic animal. Julie, Little Nicky’s Dallas-area owner, preserved his tissue in a gene bank after he died at the age of 17. She spent $50,000 to have Genetic Savings & Clone, Inc. in California implant Little Nicky’s DNA into an egg cell. A surrogate mother cat delivered the embryo and gave birth to a kitten that resembled Julie’s treasured kitty in look and disposition.

5. They Love Water

These cats enjoy playing in water, which may be due to their water-resistant hair. Maine coons are excellent swimmers and will be more cooperative in the bath than the usual feline.

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Fun Facts About Maine Coons

With such endearing appearances and dispositions, it’s no surprise that Maine coon cats are so popular. These cats are intelligent, beautiful, and loving. Their popularity is obvious on social media platforms like as Instagram, where the Maine Coon hashtag has been used in over 6.5 million photographs.

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