Does Your Cat Miss You When You Are Gone?

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Does Your Cat Miss You
For many cat owners spending extended time away from their beloved feline produces feelings of sadness and guilt. However, is your cat thinking about you as much as you think about him? Does your cat miss you when you are at work?

Do Cats Recognize Us?

Your cat not only knows who you are but he can tell you apart from outsiders and other people within your own home. Cats even have a favorite person preferring the company of one individual over others. Cats naturally feel affection for those who play with them, feed them or care for them. Though they don’t always make it obvious, people who communicate with their cat by getting to know their social cues and motives are also more attractive to their cat companions.
This is why it’s so important to respect your cat’s personal space and needs and look for communication cues. According to researches, cats don’t recognize their owners by sight (Find out more on how cats see things here). Human faces may all look pretty similar to cats. Instead cats identify humans based on scent and sound. A study of the University of Tokyo found that cats can recognize recordings of their owners’ voices and tell them apart from strangers. All cats in the study mostly ignored the recordings of strangers. But, when they listened to their owners they twitched their ears.
Does Your Cat Miss You

Does Your Kitty Miss Us While We’re Away?

Does Your Cat Miss You When You Are Gone? Well, researches have shown that cats feel safer and more secure when their owners are around and may even experience stress and separation anxiety when their owners are gone. So, Does Your Cat Miss You When You Are Gone?
Scientists brought cats and their owners to an unfamiliar environment where they had never been before. For a few minutes they let the cat and the owner be together in the room. After that the owner left the room and the cat was alone for two minutes.
What they found was impressive. 2 minutes alone was a phase of stressor Milestone to cats. This indicated that a majority of cats are securely attached to their owners.
A different found that cats form attachments to their owners that are similar to those that dogs form with their human parents. Cats see their owners as a source of comfort and security. This means that cats miss and love you even if they don’t show it.
It’s important to remember each and every cat has different personality. When left alone at home some cats sit by the window and wait patiently for you to come back. Other cats may show signs of separation anxiety.
Always keep in mind that although cats are independent and strong animals they can also be delicate and sensitive. Without the sense of security that you provide to them when you’re close, many abandoned felines may not know how to fend for themselves and survive. They may stop drinking and eating and their problems can be compounded by the psychological effects and stress of abandonment.
So next time you see your kitty happily and hungrily scarfing down their dinner take comfort in knowing that your cat really loves you.

Why Cats Don’t Respond To Us?

So, if your cats recognizes your voice why do they ignore you when you call their name? The answer is that your cat is responding to you but you don’t notice, because the recognition is very subtle. A cat won’t necessarily come running into a room like a dog. Instead he will twitch his ears or tilt his head slightly, which shows that he has acknowledged your voice but he is busy.
This doesn’t mean that your feline friend is ignoring you. The lack of obvious reaction indicates that your cutie recognizes your voice and feels safe. Your cat trusts you. So next time you see your kitty ignores you when you come home just remember that your cat loves you and he’ll come to you when he’s ready.
Does Your Cat Miss You

How Long Can A Feline Remember A Person?

You might also be wondering if your feline remembers you especially if you have been separated for a long period of time. It’s impossible to put an exact time on how long a cat’s memory can go back to. However, scientists believe that a cat’s long-term memory is indefinite. There are many stories of cats recognizing their owners many years later. See How this cat reunited with his family after 10 years
A cat will smell the person and the memory of this person will come back to him. Keep in mind that cats have associative memories so it is important to share pleasant experiences with your cats to ensure they remember you in a positive manner.
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