Do Cats Know When Their Owners Use Their Cat Voice

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Do Cats Know When Their Owners Use Their Cat Voice

According to researchers, most cat parents change their voice when they talk to their felines, usually altering it to a higher pitch. Not only that, but they also discovered that cats can distinguish their owner’s “cat voice” from that of a total stranger.

Do Cats Recognize The Cat Voice Of Their owner?

In comparison to dogs and puppies, there is substantially less scientific research on cat-human connections. This study, confirms what cat owners already know. Their kitties pay attention to them. Author Charlotte de Mouzon and her team conducted various trials on 16 cats and their owners. In the first scenario, the researchers pre-recorded the voices of the owners as well as a stranger. All of them greeted each cat by name (Choose the purrfect name for your cat). Later, they played these voices in the cat’s house to see how they reacted. Ten out of the sixteen cats responded to the sound of their human’s voice with physical signs such as ear movement and pupil dilation.

In the second scenario, they tried to find out if cats can recognize their owners’ “cat sounds.” As a result, the researchers videotaped the owners conversing with another person and another excerpt of the owner speaking to their feline companion. These chats, as well as another tape of a stranger following the same pattern, were played for the cat subjects. When their owners switched to their “cat voices,” the majority of the cats appeared to perk up.

What we discovered is that cats can distinguish between speech targeted directly to them by their owner and speech delivered to other humans. This is a proof proving that there is a relationship between cats and people.

This result is really essential because for decades, we’ve assumed that cats are really independent creatures. Who thought that they only seek food and shelter and don’t care about humans. The fact that they have a unique reaction to the way we speak to them indicates that we are more than simply a food supplier.

Does your kitty recognize your cat voice? Do the experiment and share your results with us in the comment section below.

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