Cozy Homes For Stray Cats In Athens

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Cozy Homes For Stray Cats In Athens

“After Alimos, the municipality of Agios Dimitrios has also started installing cozy homes for stray cats. According to the announcement from the Municipality, the placement of feeding and watering stations continues. The first four small houses already provide shelter for the stray cats in the area.

Every month, 800 kilograms of dry food are available for the feeding needs of the stray cats and kitties.

Cozy Homes For Stray Cats In Athens

According to the announcemen, the placement of feeding and watering stations for the stray cats in various parts of the city continues, carried out by the Technical Service of the Municipality!

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Caring About The Stray Cats

At the same time, the first four beautiful Homes are ready to host the kitties of the neighborhoods. Even more will be installed in other areas. The placement was coordinated by Deputy Mayor, the appointed municipal councilor for matters related to stray and owned companion animals. However nothing would have happened without the collaboration and planning  from the volunteers who tirelessly care for the city’s animals.

In combination with the comprehensive program of care and sterilizations that the Municipality  has been implementing for ten years, it’s clear that the issue of stray cats is a top priority for this administration.

The Municipality has focused efforts on controlling the population of stray cats through sterilizations and the adoption program. In fact, in the near future, the new municipal electronic platform for urban fauna will be ready. This will assist in the organization of pet adoptions.

Cozy Homes For Stray Cats In Athens

Mayor Maria Androutsou stated, “Our priority is to support the work of volunteers in any way we can. We ‘ll continue caring for the city’s strays, primarily through sterilizations to control their population, but also through adoptions.”

City of Athens must belong to the animals that live in it, and it’s the responsibility of all of us to ensure their well-being.

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