Cats Rescued From Earthquake In Turkey

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Cats Rescued From Earthquake In Turkey

No matter if it’s human or animal, the loss of a life is devastating.

Two significant earthquakes struck Turkey within a 24-hour period, seriously damaging buildings and forcing them to collapse on those within or nearby. According to the most recent figures following the terrible earthquakes that struck Turkey and Syria, more than 19,000 people have lost their lives. Workers in search and rescue have been working nonstop to save as many lives as they can. They have reported finding pets under the rubble in addition to humans.

The Internet was flooded with images and videos of search and rescue crews in Turkey saving cats from the wreckage left by last week’s tragic earthquakes. These images and videos quickly went viral.

A Twitter user, Abier, tweeted two pictures of one of the rescuers carrying a cat out of a collapsed building.

Cats Rescued From Earthquake In Turkey

Another Twitter user,  Asaad Sam Hanna, tweeted a video of a team of rescuers trying to save a cat from underneath the rubble.

These posts just posts how individuals are doing everything they can to rescue animals and people, despite how horrible this tragedy is. We are thinking of the people of Turkey and Syria, as well as the brave warriors saving lives there.

Source: TheJerusalemPost

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