Can Cats Understand Optical Illusions? Viral Video Explains

Published On: October 1st, 2021Categories: Funny
Can Cats Understand Optical Illusions. Viral Video Explains

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The video involving a cat and an optical illusion has become viral.

The Internet is filled with adorable cat videos, catering to the feline lovers who simply are hooked to them. One such video of this cute creature has left netizens baffled. This video involves a cat and an optical illusion.

Can Cats Understand Optical Illusions

The video is about a cat hovering over a circular optical illusion drawn on a floor. The cat then sits in the middle of the circle for a long time, rolling itself over it. This video prompted fun banter with people debating whether the cat can see the optical illusion or not.

You can watch the video here!

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