Butcher Shop In Turkey Offers Food To Stray Cats

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A stray cat in a butcher shop. It\’s not something that you see every day. This butcher shop in Turkey went viral after they offered some tasty treats to a stray cat.

We\’re in Manisa, Turkey, at the Yesim Meat Gallery. Most people’s first reaction would be to chase the feline out of the shop. However, when hungry cats wander into their front door of Yesim Meat Gallery, the three friendly butchers offer them tasty treats instead. This is the video of the incident that has gone viral.

As you may see in the video, the cute ginger cat entered the shop and climbed on top of a little statue, stopped in front of the counter, and stood on his 2 hind legs to make the order. The butcher kindly obliged with a few scraps of mouthwatering meat snacks for the hungry cat.


This isn\’t the first time that the cute cat has stopped by for a tasty treat. In fact, a lot of animals in the neighborhood visit the butcher shop on occasion to taste their quality meats. As the policy of the butcher shop is to offer food to any hungry anomal that enters, all stray animals are always welcome. So, If they’re looking for a tasty treat, they know exactly where to go.

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