Artist Replaces People With Cats In Traditional Portraits

Published On: September 13th, 2022Categories: Funny
Cats In Traditional Portraits

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Cats In Traditional Portraits! When you look at old artworks, it’s common to find a cat hidden somewhere in the composition. Artist Galina Bugaevskaya believed that there aren’t enough cats in paintings and decided to redesign some traditional portraits where cats are the stars. Her ongoing series features kitties donned in historical costumes and jewelry, posing as nobility.

Galina over the last 3 years has created her own Cat Universe. In her series called “purrfect portraits”, she adds felines into vintage oil paintings. To achieve all these wonderful results, she has to find images of cats that fit with the portraits naturally.  Galina wants the facial expressions of the cat to fit the picture or to create an interesting funny dissonance. If the image after editing seems strange but natural, then she has achieved what she wanted.”

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Cats In Traditional Portraits Cats In Traditional Portraits

You can Galina Bugaevskaya (Aka koty_vezde on Instagram) and see all of her artwork.

Source: DesignYouTrust

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    #CATARMY Cats Rule The Universe!

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