Adorable Cat Wears Glasses To Help Visually Impaired Children Feel Comfortable

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Adorable Cat Wears Glasses To Help Visually Impaired Children

Danielle Crull and her family rescued a stray kitten from a forest in Pennsylvania, USA, in 2016. Now, this kitten changes hundreds of lives helping children with eye problems feel more confident when wearing glasses and eyelids. Adorable Cat Wears Glasses To Help Visually Impaired Children

Today, Truffles works with her \”mom\” who is an optician and she is really famous for her fashionable glasses – from bright purple to her favorite green.

Danielle has her own practice, “A Children\’s Eyes”, in Mechanicsburg, and her clients are mainly infants, toddlers and elementary school children. Most of the children who visit Danielle’s office face serious eye problems that require multiple surgeries, medications and treatments. Because of that, they are afraid of anything approaching their eyes. This is the time that Truffles gets to work.

This clever cat jumps right next to the kid and tilts her head up so that Danielle can wear a pair of glasses. “The mood changes immediately”, says Danielle. Tears turn into smiles and suddenly these glasses no longer look so scary.

Wearing glasses is one of Truffle\’s favorite things. She often falls asleep wearing them and refuses to take them off. Every day Truffle chooses one of its almost 20 unique pairs of glasses and walks around with joy. Adorable Cat Wears Glasses To Help Visually Impaired Children

“If she had thumbs she would have done it herself, she really loves it,” Danielle said. “She can take them off whenever she wants, but she chooses not to”.


Truffles not only help with glasses. Amblyopia is a childhood disorder in which the nerve pathways between the brain and one eye are not properly stimulated, and wearing an eyepatch over the strong eye strengthens the weak one. Truffle is committed to ensuring that children feel confident enough to wear them.

To do so, Truffle wears its own eye patch over one of its many pairs of glasses. Since then, hundreds of children with amblyopia have approached Truffle on Instagram with words of gratitude.

“The fact that Truffle wears an eyepatch is a very big deal. Makes children feel more confident when they wear their caps and that is something I am very passionate about,” said the doctor. “This has a real impact on the lives of these children every day”.

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