A New Photo Album For Cat Lovers By Masahisa Fukase

Published On: August 31st, 2021Categories: Cat News
Photo Album For Cat Lovers

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Yawning, cat eyes, and stretches fill the new album of the famous photographer Masahisa Fukase. The “Sasuke” album that was recently released by Atelier EXB is not just for cat lovers. Photo Album For Cat Lovers

It is a metamorphosis of the photographer Masahisa Fukase, as he captures the mischiefs of his two cats, Sasuke and Momoe. Fukase is best known for the ominous images of birds published in his 1986 book “Ravens”.

Fukase is adventurous with his camera. He enjoys experimenting, like Etienne-Jules Marey, who threw his cat up in the air just to take a photo of him.


“I spent so much time lying on my belly in an effort to get to his level that I… became a cat.” says the Japanese photographer. Photo Album For Cat Lovers

The 28 consecutive pages of the album are the “Yawns”. “Sasuke is a big yawner,” Fukase said. “In October, I decided to take shots of him yawning. As he only yawns after his snooze, I had to put him to bed, set up the shot, then wake him up.” Whiskers erect, tongue thrust, fangs fine as needles and… Click!

Photo Album For Cat Lovers

“I wonder if any other photographer in the world has taken as many shots of a cat yawning as I have…” pondered Fukase.

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