5 oldest cats ever lived

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5 oldest cats ever lived

What is the oldest cat ever? The average lifespan of a cat is between 12 and 18 years. However, some cats have stayed alive and continued to thrive for much longer. There are certain factors that can make one breed live longer than others on average. However, a little bit of luck and the right conditions can make animals from many breeds live for more than 20-25 years.

The Oldest Cats Ever Lived

Here are some of the oldest cats to ever live!

1. Creme Puff


Creme was born August 3, 1967, and lived in Austin, Texas, for 38 years and 3 days. According to her “father” Jake Perry, the key to Creme’s longevity was her diet. Creme’s diet consisted of dry cat food supplemented with broccoli, eggs, turkey bacon, and coffee with cream. Every 2 days there was “an eyedropper full of red wine”, which \”circulated the arteries\”, Jake added.

Creme Puff died on August 6, 2005, and according to the 2010 edition of the Guinness World Records was the oldest cat ever to live.

2. Baby

The second oldest cat ever was Baby. Baby was a male black domestic shorthaired cat who lived with Al Paluskyl, in Duluth, Minnesota. He was born in 1970 (we’re not sure about the exact date) and died 38 years later. The key to his longevity was daily exercise. Baby’s food and water bowl used to be in the basement, so he had to climb the stairs many times during the day.

3. Puss

On November 28, 1903, the 3rd oldest cat ever was born. Puss was a male tabby cat who lived in the United Kingdom. Not much is known about Puss, who passed on November 29, 1934.

4. Ma

Ma is also a cat who lived in the United Kingdom. She was born in 1923 and died in 1957. When was a kitten, Ma, got caught in a gin trap and barely survived the accident. Although the accident caused special problems for the feline, she managed to reach 34 years old.

5. Granpa Rexs Allen


Granpa Rex was born on February 1, 1964, and he was the “brother” of Creme Puff, as they grew up together. This Sphynx and Devon Rex cross were adopted by Jake Perry 6 years after his birth. According to his previous owner, Granpa got away because someone left the screen door open when she was away. 5 oldest cats ever lived

There is no formula for longevity in cats, however, a balanced diet and exercise could increase the chances. Every cat is unique and you should always ask your vet before trying anything.

Source: Wikipedia

Photo: Nathan Fertig & Jacco Rienks

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